Additive Orthotics 3D Scanning and Reconstruction LIDAR UAV and Aerial Imagery
Additive Orthotics
3D Scanning and Reconstruction
UAV and Aerial Imagery
  • 3D Custom-Fit Mass Production

    At Aksiio, we believe that mass customization is an integral part of Industry 4.0. Personalized products that offer superior quality, fit, and comfort can be manufactured faster, for less money. We have dedicated our resources and expertise to develop an innovative solution that can accelerate and automate the design, modeling, and production processes to turn 3D measurements into custom fitting products.

  • 3D Scanning & Reconstruction

    The current decade has seen the rapid development of new methods of 3D Scanning and Reconstruction. From the beginning, our company has been helping customers develop the collection of 3D data via laser scanning, 3D scanning, and photogrammetry. Whether you need 3D scans of people or objects, we digitize for you and take care of the entire post-processing workflow if required.

  • CAD and Engineering Graphics

    In addition to depending on our 3D and Computer Vision expertise, our customers also look to us for help in other areas such as CAD data exchange, engineering graphics and UI creation. This led us to provide the unique set of 3D development tools and services available by demand.

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Aksiio combines additive manufacturing expertise with our company-wide excellence in the fields of 3D scanning, CAD design and software engineering to offer our customers a comprehensive set of services related to the creation of additive manufactured technologies.

  • 3D Scene Understanding

    The growing ubiquity of 3D sensors over the last few years has created a need for scene understanding technology that can process the data these devices capture. At Aksiio we have deep experience in related technology which enable us to assist our clients’ resolve such Deep Tech issues in areas like like autonomous driving, robotics, navigation and etc.

  • UAV and Aerial Imagery

    The remote sensing methods collect vital information that can be used for land use, agricultural management, forestry, mining, urban planning and more. Through years of involvement in related projects we have developed deep expertise in the area of really advanced image processing technics for interpretation of places, objects, and features.

  • Augmented/Mixed Reality

    AR/MR projects are just beginning to be used in heavyweight industries, but soon they will be used there everywhere. That is why here at Aksiio we’re highly interested in this topic and we’re starting to actively gain expertise and nurture solutions for such projects to make a significant contribution to the industry.

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